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When shooting is not always possible to provide good illumination scene, and some pictures may seem to be unsuccessful
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20 May 2011

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Digital cameras have made it easy for just about anyone to snap up images with ease. With digital cameras at hand we can now take countless images on the go and do not even have to bother about developing them. However these cameras cannot guarantee the quality of the images that you capture and at times you may need to slightly edit them for brightness and contrast. Now imagine the scenario where you have hundreds of images to correct and you neither have the time nor the expertise to do so. If you think about approaching a professional, he may charge you a huge sum. In such a scenario you can take help of PicJet Equalizer 1.2 to quickly sharpen the images by changing their contrast and brightness to your specifications.

The PicJet Equalizer 1.2 on launch displays an intuitive interface that sports a light grey hue. Major options are available on the top menu bar and settings are fairly easy to adjust. To start with you need to find an image whose brightness and contrast is near to your desired level. Once you select the reference image, use the application to apply the same levels for all images that you need to improve. The application allows you to work on up to ten thousand images and you can use its step by step wizard to execute the process. One of the best parts about the application is that it is completely free to use. The application works on nearly all Windows version from Win XP onwards and is extremely light on system resources.

After using PicJet Equalizer 1.2 we find the tool to have limited usability. The application earns a score of 2.5 on a scale of five for its capacity to improve numerous images in one go. While it is good for a quick fix you may need a superior editing tool for extracting better results.

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When shooting is not always possible to provide good illumination scene, and some pictures may seem to be unsuccessful. However, in many cases the situation can be corrected manually adjusting the brightness and contrast of photos.Program PicJet Equalizer allows you to automate the process of correcting the brightness and contrast for the group photos.
PicJet Equalizer is an easy to use program that allows for a few minutes optimally adjust brightness and contrast to hundreds of your pictures.Simply select the photos you want, select the reference image and specify its desired level of brightness and contrast, then the program will automatically apply those settings to other photos.
PicJet Equalizer
PicJet Equalizer
Version 1.2
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